Elementary School Winter Challenge Day at TEA

Our annual Elementary School Winter Challenge Day was a great success!

The elementary school (Kindergarten through 6th-grade) students had their share of challenges spending their entire day outside during less-than-ideal weather, enduring a very windy day on campus. They persevered as they learned about the challenges one may face hiking and camping in the wilderness: they learned how to use a compass properly and find their way on their own, hiking safety and what to do in case you are lost, and what to do should one of your buddies gets injured in the backcountry.

The students played the game Predator/Prey to get a sense of the difficulty wildlife has to survive the winter. And a very special thanks to Jack Benter, TEA Adventure Director,  for organizing and teaching this event along with the other crew leaders!

elementary students sitting in a circle in the snow
elementary students playing in snow
students running through the snow
student holding a compass