2021 8th-Grade Passage Presentations

Passages provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their growth as learners and people as they transition from one phase of school to the next.

Passage presentations at TEA occur at the end of 8th and 12th grade. Through reflecting, storytelling and discourse students have the chance to acknowledge within themselves and articulate to the community their progress towards achieving TEAs learner outcomes and readiness to move forward. This very crazy year, passages are based off of students ‘This I Believe’ essays which asked students to reflect and story tell around the values that they feel are most important in their lives.

In accordance with COVID-19 policies at the time, our 2021 8th-Grade Passage Presentations were presented via student produced videos. We proudly share them here with you.

Anna Cecchi

Jace Cook

Calvin Curtis

Georgia DeCota

Nathan Falcocchia

Lily Fano

Lauren Janssen

Laura Jun

Oliver Mitchell

Philip Rogers

Evan Russo

Zachary Shaw

Jake Slye

Gretta Smith

Gabby Smith

Nichole Tedsen

Joachim Tucker

Callie Whiting

Colby Williams