TEA in the News!

Channel 2 News Reno joined us to learn more about culturally responsible tourism!

In order to promote culturally responsible tourism, we have been going around to different landmarks in the Tahoe area that are now labeled as “touristy,” and first explaining on camera the history that had been taught to us and what we know it as now. We’re super fortunate to be working with Ben Rupert, who is Washoe and Shoshone-Paiute, and has graciously joined us to tell the Indigenous peoples history of the land and the landmark that’s been whitewashed by society.

We’ve been composing this information in the form of 2-3 minute videos. They will start with us talking about what we know about the spots right now, then, Ben Rupert will go into the Washoe history.

What problem is this solving?

This history should be at the forefront of education in every place, but the access to, and that promotion of this information is wildly inadequate. Due to the white guilt following the atrocities committed during colonization, many of the incredible Washoe stories and the culturally significant histories were intentionally buried. This has perpetuated racism, cultural appropriation, white supremacy culture, and lack of education surrounding where we live.

How is our solution going to solve that problem?

As a group of journalists who care about Tahoe and everyone who’s lived here before us, we believe that telling these stories now is of utmost priority. The promotion of this project will not only create spaces that allow for vulnerable education and open minded thinking, but people will care so much more about these landmarks after learning the extensive and incredible history behind them. We could never make up for the colonization, but through this project, we can help make sure everyone who visits these sights knows and appreciates how sacred and significant the land is. This will lead to a brighter and more inclusive future for the next generations of Tahoe tourists.

We're looking forward to sharing our final product. For now, please check out the story produced by Channel 2 News!