TEA Students Head to UNR to Investigate the Climate Strike

In order to help our students investigate ways in which they can act as global citizens and be stewards of the world, our 6-12th-graders recently attended a Global Climate Strike in Reno, at UNR on Friday, September 20, 2019.

At TEA we believe in some key guiding principles and core values. Some of these guiding principles and core values are:


Compassion. As global citizens, we empathize with and advocate for others.

Collaboration. Earth is a shared resource, so we are collaborators and stewards of our environment.

Call to Action. We engage young people in real problems because they are highly creative and capable of effecting positive change in the world.


The Global Climate Strike is a youth organized event across the world to demand climate justice for everyone. Prior to this experience, students dove into the topic in class and created task sheets to bring into the strike. Our teachers and students collaborated to integrate this experience into their fall expeditions.

Students and Teachers took our school busses down to the University of Nevada Campus early in the morning. When they arrived, there were only about 40 people on-hand. But that relatively small group broke out into a loud cheer when our group of about 100 students and teachers arrived.

The organizer of the event brought a few TEA students up to share how they feel about climate change. Here’s are a quick video clip.

TEA students protesting climate change at UNR

After, Caroline Sandberg was interviewed by KOLO 8 News. She spoke eloquently about the need for youth to enact change now to ensure the future of the planet. She referenced the recent hurricanes and how a family house was completely destroyed.

Lillian Adams, 7th grader, was also interviewed by KTVN Channel 2. She shared that she wanted to see people do more to support the planet and shared the small things she does individually.

When everyone returned to campus, some of our high school students had failure lab in the afternoon. One group has been inspired to focus on reducing our footprint as a school and is creating an audit for crews to do on a weekly basis.

Thank you to TEA Parent Rick Chapman for documenting the event with these incredible photos.

Congrats to everyone involved and thank you for representing TEA!

TEA students protesting climate change at UNR
a group of student protestors wave their signs
a student holding a sign for climate change
student protestors in front of UNR
girl talks with her friends at the protest
students showing each other their protest signs
climate change protesters marching through a field
kid with a megaphone speaking at the protest
student protesters gathered outside UNR
TEA student being interviewed in front of UNR