3rd-graders seek to protect our local waterways

What are the threats to the local freshwater resources and how can we protect these resources?

Our 3rd-grade crew is currently looking at water quality and various factors that influence it. In these first few weeks of school, students have begun their study of water by learning about the water cycle, studying the concept of one “global well”, and looking at threats to our freshwater resources.

To bring their learning to life, students made mobiles explaining the water cycle, collaborated in making creative skits about the water cycle, wrote narratives about their experiences with water, and have been engaging in a close read of the book “One Well.”

And most recently, the 3rd Grade super crew visited Sand Harbor for an environmental awareness event. The children meandered through Sand Harbor while meeting with different artists along the path and learning about how to become more aware of, better connect with, and take care of our planet.

Moving forward they will be investigating threats specific to Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake as well as conducting research to compare and contrast lakes from around the world. Their overall goal is to address the threats our local freshwater resources are facing.

students gathered around a teacher
a teacher gives a lecture while students sit and take notes
students look out at the lake from sand harbor
students walk on a trail beside the lake
students looking out at the lake over a balcony
students on a deck gathered around a teacher
students gathered around a teacher
students listen to a woman playing guitar
students raising their hands
two students leaning on a wood railing beside the lake
kids walking along a lakeside trail