Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight: Gianna Putnam

Giana set off in fall of ‘20 for Chapman University, excited to study health sciences with a minor in Nutrition. However, her journey to her bachelor’s degree (expected June 2024) was not a straight line and she definitely exhibited TEA character traits of advocacy, perseverance and responsibility in order to pursue her passion. We recently caught up with her and are excited to share the following Q&A.

Alumni Spotlight: Mitchell Martin

Mitchell Martin graduated from TEA in 2017 with just 5 other students, all of whom were true pioneers. They were our first! Our first high school students, our first students on the Martis Campus, our first students to get into college after embarking on our “non-traditional” path, and our first ALUMNI.

Alumni Spotlight: Jeffrey Miller

In this alumni spotlight, we check in with TEA Class of 2018’s Jeffrey Miller, recent University of Colorado at Boulder graduate.