TEA Adventures

+Impact Study Deep Dive: The Impact of Manifest Destiny on Indigenous Cultures

The First Deep Dive of the Semester kicked off this week with a visit to the Donner Summit Petroglyphs site

First Day of School: Rock Climbing Donner Summit

This year we kicked off high school with some awesome rock climbing out at Donner Summit.

A Tyrolean Traverse Into the School Year

On the first day of school this year, we took our students to the edge of a cliff, literally, to expedite this transition, like it or not. We set up a rock climbing experience called a Tyrolean Traverse that forced students to face their anticipation, excitement and anxiety as they traversed back into day one

Field Study: The Impact of the American Dream in Yosemite

Students experience the lasting legacy of the American Dream, both positive and negative

TEDx by TEA: Jack Loughan

TEA’s very own, Jack Loughan asks, what is TEDX about? It is about science and technology… and that is why he chose to talk about different facts and theories in this short but sweet talk on twins.

Tesla: Undisclosed

We were about to get a sneak peak into the Tesla Gigafactory to learn more about how this forward-thinking company is combating climate change one battery at a time.

EDx by TEA: Luke Janssen

Luke Janssen went to a local garden and was inspired after learning more in depth about climate change. But when he found out the cost of the greenhouse was 5,000 dollars he felt there had to be a better way.

The Pre-K Challenge Hike

The Challenge Hike was an opportunity for the big kids to aid in the passage and perseverance of the littler Pre-K kids. On this 6 mile journey, the Pre-K crew members carry their own packs and are teamed up with an older buddy.

Tahoe Expedition Academy Students Sing National Anthem

TEA students of all ages sang the national anthem and one lucky student Kate Geis threw out the first pitch at the Reno Aces game on May 16th, 2016. TEA students raised money for their school and sold over 100 tickets to the game.

TEA 6th Grade and Pre-K Crews Put in Work at the Truckee Bike Park

The 6th Grade Crew and the Pre-K Crew spent time at the Truckee Bike Park learning about bike safety. All hands were in the dirt helping with trail clearing, and trail clean-up while learning about bike park rules and safety. Clearing the track of pine needles and pine cones was no easy task.