Pivot! A 5th-Grade Pacific Coast Overnight Recap

"Overall this was just a wonderful field study and the students were in excellent form.”

5th-Graders rolled with the changes on a recent trip to the coast. Heavy rain sidetracked a hike and illness derailed an expert meeting, but that didn’t stop the crew from enjoying an exciting few days. All in all – quite a productive learning experience despite a few hurdles. Way to pivot, Thunder Cliff Crew!

Check out this trip report from our 5th-Grade Crew Leader & Co-Founder, DC Larrabee

“Stormy weather to sunny skies… Although we had to change our plans a number of times on this trip, overall it was a tremendous success. A couple of our experts came down with something, so we were not able to collaborate with True Wild. Heavy rain sidetracked our hike to Alamere Falls, but we were able to visit Muir Woods and collaborate with rangers in relation to the proposed damming of this sacred valley ecosystem, which ultimately led to its perennial protection as a national monument.

Our visit to Open Field Farm served as a great kick off to this adventure. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Sarah James, one of the farm’s proprietors, as she walked us through their unique agricultural practices and business model. 

Students really loved the opportunity to stay at Willow Camp, in Stinson Beach, and we are greatly indebted to the Rubin family for their generous hospitality.

Coast Camp turned out to be the perfect backcountry venue for the crew. There was no shortage of excitement as we explored long stretches of uninhabited beach and took to the unique series of sea caves afforded by Sculptured Beach. 

Overall this was just a wonderful field study and the students were in excellent form.