Pivot! A 5th-Grade Pacific Coast Overnight Recap

5th-Graders rolled with the changes on a recent trip to the coast. Heavy rain sidetracked a hike and illness derailed an expert meeting, but that didn’t stop the crew from enjoying an exciting few days. All in all – quite a productive learning experience despite a few hurdles. Way to pivot, Thunder Cliff Crew! Check out this trip report and photo gallery from their crew leader, DC Larrabee.

December 2023 Alumni Panel 

Our TEA Alumni Panel was held via Zoom on Tuesday, December 19th with representatives from TEA’s 2019 and 2023 graduating classes. Alumni graciously agreed to answer parent and student questions on a wide range of topics including how their experience/s at TEA have impacted their success in college and work.

Winter Celebration of the Arts 2023

Congratulations to all of this year’s performers! We appreciate all of the craftsmanship that went into each and every performance. A very special thank you to our music teacher, Emily Tessmer, for everything she does! And thank you to TEA Parent extraordinaire, Dave Zimmerman, for all of the production work and time spent with our after school Rock Bands! Enjoy the recordings!

Alumni Spotlight: Mitchell Martin

Mitchell Martin graduated from TEA in 2017 with just 5 other students, all of whom were true pioneers. They were our first! Our first high school students, our first students on the Martis Campus, our first students to get into college after embarking on our “non-traditional” path, and our first ALUMNI.

TEA Alumni Panel: December 2023

Please join us for a much beloved annual event where you can hear directly from our former students!! Our TEA Alumni Panel will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, December 19th from 6-7pm. Representatives from TEA’s 2019 and 2023 graduating classes have graciously agreed to answer parent and student questions on a wide range of topics including how their experience/s at TEA have impacted their success in college and work.

10 Images That Tell the TEA Story

For those out there who have been part of this school community for the better part of our 13 year history, you will see that several of these photos were grabbed from the archives. We’ve been fortunate to have some truly remarkable photographers capture moments in our school’s history.

A Chicago Immersion: Unveiling the Heart of America

TEA 9th Graders immersed themselves in the heart of America on a recent trip to Chicago. They explored the city’s rich history, culture and architecture through the lens of human geography, learning about the patterns and processes that shape cities around the globe.

11th-Grade Cultural Immersion in Costa Rica

This 11th-Grade TEA trip to Costa Rica was designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to experience a new culture, learn about sustainable living practices, and engage in meaningful service work. During the trip, students worked with ASOMOBI, a local NGO that supports women-led economic development initiatives. In addition to Spanish language immersion, students also participated in service projects at a women-run coffee and chocolate farm, learned about the local economy, ecology, and culture through guided tours and interactions with locals, and reflected on their experiences through group discussions.

Study of thermal energy, physical and chemical changes, and animal adaptations to extreme environments

8th-Grade students visited an active hydrothermal area in Lassen Volcanic National Park, where they identified the main features and learned about the chemical processes forming these areas. Students needed to think about the natural phenomena they were observing and tried to make sense of it! This tied directly into their study of thermal energy, physical and chemical changes, as well as animal adaptations to extreme environments.

12th Grade Expedition Debrief: Chiapas, Mexico!

In many places we can talk about ideas like indigenous rights and sovereignty, poverty, land-use, deforestation, the arc of civilizations, the cost of globalism, the complexities of immigration, and the impacts of isolation and destabilization. Chiapas is a story of all of these things, all of the time.

10th-Grade Exploration of the Rio Grande and El Paso

TEA 10th Graders just returned from quite the educational adventure where they learned about everything from our country’s immigration and border policies, to the impact climate change is having on the region’s water supply and the technology that’s being used to deliver fresh water to people.