The Maine Event: Letter from the Class of 2023

We write this to you as we wrap up 10 days of traipsing through rain-soaked boreal forests, following moose and lynx tracks up mountains, witnessing trees let go of their summer skin, plucking green crabs out of rocky intertidal zones, and learning each other’s stories on windy two-lane roads.

6th-Graders Study the History of the Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierras

TEA 6th graders began the year studying the history of Owens Valley in the Eastern Sierras, learning about the uprooting and relocations of numerous groups of people, including the construction of an internment camp where more than 100,000 men, women and children were imprisoned during World War II. Students tried to imagine what it must have felt like to be uprooted and torn from their homes.

Learning About Our Hearts, Bodies, and Minds Alongside Our Pre-K Kiddos

All TEA students learn about their hearts, bodies, and minds from different angles with larger overlapping concepts. Collectively we are all learning about self-love, self care, differing personalities, and how to identify and manage emotions.

Introducing the 21-22 Curveball Study

Curvd’s top priority is to help schools increase student agency through teaching strategies like mastery-based grading, creative problem solving and self-reflection. Curvd, alongside TEA, is advocating for a teaching approach that challenges students’ critical thinking through tools like “Curveballs” designed to lead them through healthy risk-taking, observe what didn’t work and adapt to change course.

The Maine Event: Letter from the Class of 2022

A whirlwind of parks, experts, and trails, broadening our perspectives and uncovering the details of climate change in Maine.

High School Students Dive Into Student Designed Art at Great Basin National Park, NV

Student Directed Art is a class in which students learn skills of observation, iteration, and creative problem solving. Most recently our high school students participating in this elective class traveled to Great Basin National Park, where they had a chance to explore the expansive and diverse landscapes of Nevada and spent time honing their drawing skills by learning to use blind contour, sensitive line, gesture drawings, and positive and negative space to enhance their depictions of nature.

6th Grade Fieldwork Brings Social Studies and English Language Arts Coursework to Life

Bringing academic coursework to life through interactions with real-world experts is one of the cornerstones of our approach at TEA. Over the past year, we’ve been connecting with experts over zoom meetings or similar to help keep our students engaged. Fortunately over the past few months, we’ve been able to return to in-person interactions with experts both far and near. Most recently, our 6th-Graders traveled to Reno to meet with four different experts. They met with experts at the Lilley Museum at UNR and with activists Bin Bin Erwin and Khalilah Cage at Francis Newlands park in Reno’s Old Southwest neighborhood.

TEA 3rd-Grade Students Learn About Social Emotional Well-Being Through Horse Assisted Education

Ms. Colleen and our 3rd-Grade students traveled to EQ Insight in Washoe Valley for an overnight experience. EQ Insight was founded by TEA Grandparent Melinda Blackwell in 2009 to train modern leaders and teach teamwork in a dynamic world driven by a culture of technology. EQ Insight’s mission is to use horse-led training to build authentic and effective leaders and team-members, so they can make a positive impact in their businesses, communities, and families.

Fall Mountain Bike Team Season Update

The fall MTB TEAm has been a blast this season! The weather had been impressively supportive of our efforts up until mid October, but it seems like Mother Nature had other plans for the rest of the season! With colder temperatures seemingly here to stay, long sleeves will be the order of the day as we suck the marrow out of the rest of the season.

Cross Country Fall 2021 Mid Season Update

Led by coaches Alex Peugnet, Maude Meeker, and Matt Morrison, our Fall 2021 Cross Country team consists of 5th – 12th graders with 5th – 8th graders participating in local meets. With two meets completed, we wanted to share a mid-season update with you all!

How Can Journalism Strengthen a Community? A Hands-On Exploration in Sacramento and the Bay Area

Through expert meetings with a wide range of journalists and content producers in Sacramento and the Bay Area, our high school Journalism Intensive students recently gained a deeper understanding of the ways in which professional journalists and storytellers connect with communities. During the 5 day / 4 night fieldwork experience, students learned how a deeply collaborative reporting process can help strengthen those connections and ultimately the communities they are serving.