High School Students Receive Honorable Mention in National Podcast Challenge

Join Tahoe Expedition Academy’s junior class as they navigate the Civil Rights Movement in Birmingham, Selma, and Montgomery Alabama, speaking with experts and first hand sources along the way.

Student Mobile Greenhouse Project Receives a $10K Grant From Raley’s O-N-E Market

Raley’s O-N-E Market aims to support education of organic and nutritious eating and sustainability; exactly what the mobile greenhouse project is supposed to promote.

Spring 2020 State of the School Presentation

On Monday, May 27th we held a live (virtual) State of the School event that was open to all current families, new families for 20/21, and prospective families. Watch the Video Replay, View the Live Q&A Transcript and Read the MEMO that was distributed during the event.

How Can We Use the Arts to Raise Awareness of Human Rights?

In fall of 2019, Tahoe Expedition Academy’s 5th-Grade class studied Human Rights in the North Lake area particularly following the essential questions of “What are Human Rights and how are they threatened?” and “How can we use the arts and technology to advocate for Human Rights?

Have We Become a “Throw-away” Society?

The second grade Silver Peak crew at TEA explored the new norm of a “throw-away” society. In modern day, people buy unnecessary amounts of “stuff”; this includes clothes, toys, games, trinkets, accessories, magazines, this list goes on. The “stuff” is used for a while, but eventually, the possessor will grow tired of it and throw it away. Why is this?

TEA Sliced Season 2

Part of leading a healthy and active lifestyle is filling our bellies full of the proper foods. Another part of living a healthy and active lifestyle is laughing at ourselves. In season 2 of TEA Sliced our students definitely leaned a bit more heavily into laughter, and we couldn’t appreciate it more!

Update: Virtual Silent ART Auction Benefiting Keep Tahoe Blue Raises $1000!

13 TEA high school students and our art teacher Charlotte Semmes had been collecting and transforming waste materials found in their homes during this “shelter-in-place” into art. Our CommuniTEA then helped us continue this cycle of alchemy by turning our sculptures into gold (well cash) by bidding on the sculptures and raising almost $1000 for Keep Tahoe Blue.

The university down the hall

The Covid-19 pandemic is another experience that is changing us all. Now we have TEA@Home and in our house we have the university down the hall.

Class of 2020 College Acceptances

We are very proud to share these college acceptances! 100% of our graduates were accepted to 4-year colleges and universities with a scholarship offers totaling over $398,000! The students applied to academically rigorous and selective colleges. Their experiences at TEA were transformed into compelling narratives to highlight their character and academic achievements.

Outdoor Skills for the Great Indoors

Our 4th-grade Crew Leader Carolyn Highland recently wrote this story for our blog and we’re proud to share it. She compares/contrasts our current reality to those she’s faced (with her students at times) in the backcountry. Seems we do have the experience we need to navigate confined spaces, food rationing and uncertainty. Thanks Carolyn!

The Decline of Children’s Free Play

The Kindergarten class of Tahoe Expedition Academy is focusing on how children’s free play with other children has declined over the years and brainstorming ways to bring more free play into our TEA community.