Celebration of Service Learning at TEA

Over the next two Thursdays, our students will be presenting their service projects to a public audience. We’d like to invite everyone to join us in this celebration of service learning.

Designing Green Energy Devices for the Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a fun and informative STEAM heavy expedition that culminates in green tech models and a life-size, working piece of green tech that will be used at the Animal Ark.

2017 TEA Holiday Concert Performances

From an acapella version of Carol of the Bells to the cutest version of This Little Light of Mine that you will ever see. All captured during our annual Holiday Concert.

6th-Graders Become a Crew While Backpacking in Mock Martian Landscapes

Throughout an adventure to Mt Lassen, students faced and overcame challenges, helped one another, learned new skills, and came together even closer as a crew.

Developing a Multicultural Understanding of History, Arts and Humanities by Studying Washoe Culture

Imagine two schools in two entirely different places coming together to learn from each other. In the Seasons of the Washoe learning expedition, that’s exactly what happens.

Inspiring Curiosity, Creativity and the Joy of Lifelong Learning at The Discovery Museum

The museum is a hands-on learning environment where children can explore interactive exhibits on nature, science, Nevada history and much more.

Challenging High School Students to Collaborate by Tying Them Up

How do we develop collaboration, creativity, and perseverance at our high school? We start with a long piece of string…

Inspiring TEA 7th Graders to Become Movement Makers

During this learning expedition, students observe culture and society with a critical eye and discover what matters to them.

4th-Graders Persevere Rain, Sleet, and Snow in the Name of Science

At first, it was just supposed to rain. Then the weather made a turn for the worse. But this crew of 4th-graders was prepared to gather stream data rain or shine.

Martis Campus Construction Update – 9/13/17

The daily progress to the Martis Campus is nothing short of remarkable. Construction crews are working 6 days a week to make it happen. Enjoy the video update.

VIDEO: 2017-18 Kick Off Event – The TEA Games

Nothing quite like kicking off the school year with an event that brings our whole communiTEA together to experience a little “constructive adversity!” Thank you to everyone who came out and participated.