TEA 8th Grade Crew Dives Deep Into Immigration With Canoes

Students canoed 25 miles of the Colorado River as it winds along the Arizona/California border to gain a deep understanding of the challenges on both sides of the fence.

Thank You Tahoe Expedition Academy Teachers

Thank you, teachers, for doing everything you do to make Tahoe Expedition Academy such an inspiring, challenging, compassionate, magical, all-encompassing, opportunistic and just plain awesome place to go to school.

+Impact School Founder, Taylor Simmers, Featured on Vicariously Podcast

Taylor explains in the podcast how the adolescent brain responds better when leaving its comfort zone and how their curriculum empowers students to reach their full potential while cultivating intellectual growth, character, and confidence.

An Unforgettable 2017 Biathlon Season for Tahoe Expedition Academy

2017 marked our Biathlon TEAm’s fifth year. Biathlon is a combination of target shooting with .22 cal rifles and nordic skate skiing. It is regarded as the most challenging winter endurance sport and originated from 18th-century Norwegian military practices.

TEA Students Visit Senior Center to Share Music

This week in music, grades 4-6, we visited the Sierra Senior Center. Students were broken into groups where they interviewed an elder and discovered their musical tastes and background.

Class of 2017 College Acceptances

Our college admissions and acceptances are growing every day with this senior class! The UC system is on a roll and showing us the love! UC Santa Cruz just accepted a few of our students and more decisions are on their way.

TEA Presents: Our Relationship to Risk by Judy Klein

Judy Klein is an Assistant Professor at the UCSF-ZSFG Department of Emergency Medicine. Judy will present on the importance of connecting with nature and risky play in the outdoors.

Middle School Students Learn the Most Valuable Back-country Lesson of Them All

The 7th and 8th grades did a terrific job orienting themselves with the touring gear and assessing their packs in their on-snow prep. But the weather was starting to turn. Weather underground was forecasting 8-12 inches on Thursday and another 8-12 on Friday.

TEA Students Build Remotely Operated Vehicles for Research and Exploration

Our students are challenged with real-life problems. For this +Impact Study, students had to create a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that could monitor environmental concerns in aquatic ecosystems.

5th-Grade Students Present Green Building Ideas for the New Tahoe Expedition Academy Campus

Led by 5th-grade teacher Matt Morrison, our semester-long learning expedition titled “Consumption Presumption” took 5th-grade students deep into the world of sustainability, renewable energy and green building practices.

In the News: +Impact School Featured in Recent Financial Times Story

The Financial Times recently visited our school to investigate Silicon Valley’s role in bringing personalized learning to the forefront of education.