Into the West: A Historical Look at Manifest Destiny

+Impact Students recently traveled to the southwest to deepen their understanding of Indigenous cultures and the impact that manifest destiny had on them.

Your Donations for the Refugees in Greece at Work

Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Your contributions allowed our students to have an even bigger +Impact on their mission to help the refugee population in Greece.

Miss Rosie Goes to Peru: Cusco to Clout Forest

Our Kindergarten teacher Miss Rosie applied for and received a grant that has sent her to the Peruvian wilderness where she is studying frogs. She recently checked in with us after her “Cusco to Cloud Forest” experience!

Hands-On Exploration of the Food Chain in Sonoma, CA

Our middle school students traveled to Sonoma Broadway Farms to learn what farm-to-table really means.

Using Constructive Adversity to Develop Character at School: Part II

At +Impact School, we have empirical evidence and anecdotal data from the past five years that Constructive Adversity, our version of experiential learning, helps foster resilience, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

Senior +Impact Study: Syrian Refugee Crisis in Greece

Our students are currently in Greece, working shoulder-to-shoulder with aid organizations for the refugees, learning about the problems this community faces, and identifying solutions to these problems.

Ocean Rover Project: Initial Underwater ROV Build Out

+Impact students will spend ten days designing and building a Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV), collaborating with industry professionals at NASA / JPL and SpaceX, and field testing their work in the waters off the Santa Cruz Islands.

TEA PreK Students Learn How People and Pets Take Care of One Another

PreK students harvest apples from a local tree in Kings Beach and make homemade applesauce. Yummy!

5th Graders Visit Grow Dome to Study Sustainability, Renewable Energy and Green Building

During the visit to the Grow Dome students began to look at sustainability with an emphasis on the human ecological footprint of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

2nd Graders Study Social and Environmental Science by Examining the Washoe Culture

On our recent field study to Steward Head Start, our students began to learn how the Washoe culture is still prevalent in our area and what cultural practices are still practiced today.

Tree to Tummy: PreK Students Harvest Local Apples and Make Applesauce

Enjoy these photos from our recent apple harvesting and applesauce making!