VIDEO: First Day of 2017/18 at TEA Lower and Middle Schools

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s great to see so many smiling faces around campus. Welcome back to school CommuniTEA!

Sixth Graders Embark on a Mock Mission to Mars

Have you ever had a dream about being on a mission to Mars? The 6th-grade crew at Tahoe Expedition Academy lived out that dream during their “Space Expedition” learning expedition.

Tahoe Kindergarten Students Work to Save the Sierra Nevada Yellow Legged Frog

Have you ever wondered, “What can I do to help the Sierra Nevada Yellow Legged Frog survive?” If you haven’t, then let the Kindergarten crew at TEA tell you why you should.

Tahoe Expedition Academy Graduate Erica Kennedy Explains What A “Real School” Is in Her Graduation Speech

Some question whether or not Tahoe Expedition Academy is a “real school.” Erica Kennedy, one of our school’s first ever graduates, tackled that perception head on in her graduation speech. Read her speech in its entirety here.

Go on a Quest to Find Woodland Fairies and Gnomes With Our Pre-K Kiddos!

During this learning experience, our Pre-K students demonstrate community, responsibility, and caring for the natural world while learning to stay safe in the wilderness.

End of Year Limericks by Matt Morrison

Always going above and beyond, Matt prepared a limerick for each of his students at our final Hearth appreciation ceremony.

TEA Seniors Design Class Service Trip in Order to Help Syrian Refugees

Move, Adapt, or Die: The Life and Times of a Syrian Refugee In the fall, the senior class of Tahoe Expedition Academy was asked to design a class service trip on their own.

Third Graders in Tahoe Learn About the Donner Party, First Hand

If the Donner Party had been equipped with sturdier covered wagons, would more of them have survived their infamous journey over Donner Summit in the winter of 1847? And how would you build a stronger wagon?

TEA 8th Grade Crew Dives Deep Into Immigration With Canoes

Students canoed 25 miles of the Colorado River as it winds along the Arizona/California border to gain a deep understanding of the challenges on both sides of the fence.

Thank You Tahoe Expedition Academy Teachers

Thank you, teachers, for doing everything you do to make Tahoe Expedition Academy such an inspiring, challenging, compassionate, magical, all-encompassing, opportunistic and just plain awesome place to go to school.

+Impact School Founder, Taylor Simmers, Featured on Vicariously Podcast

Taylor explains in the podcast how the adolescent brain responds better when leaving its comfort zone and how their curriculum empowers students to reach their full potential while cultivating intellectual growth, character, and confidence.