Kindergartners Explore Forces in Motion

“I can explore the forces in motion: push, pull, gravity, and magnetism.”

TEA art Investigations: Learning how art has a Language of its own

Value, Line, Color, Shape, Texture and Space….we are investigating these terms in all the grades as an introduction to a language of art that will be used to comment and respond to the works we produce and see throughout the year.

4th Graders Explore Regional Water Sheds

4th Graders explore, test and learn about our local watersheds.

Competing at the High Sierra Showdown

Our Mountain Bike team headed south to Mammoth Lakes, CA for the High Sierra Showdown last weekend. The third of the four-race series in the newly formed Nevada Interscholastic Cycling League.

Learning About Vectors and Math Through Sailling

We took the physics of sailing and combined team building skills to create one math learning expedition that none of us will forget.

In the News: +Impact Schools Featured in the Hechinger Report

“A private school in northern California uses technology to create bespoke paths for students and rugged trips – like camping in the winter snow — to teach independence…”

This Week: After School Clubs Started off With a Bang

So, these next few weeks of September if you and your family would like to join in the sailing experience contact Eric Martin at and he can get you set up with either a group or custom sailing opportunities.

First Graders Visit the Sierra Agroecology Center (Grow Dome)

The 1st Grade Crew made it to a very special place, the Sierra Agroecology Center in Truckee. Here we learned about plants, vegetables, different ways foods can grow, the process from seeds to flower to fruit, and about all the special helpers like bugs and insects who help the process along.

Our Mountain Bike TEAm Is off to a Great Season

In late August our mountain bike team competed in the first ever Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). Nevada Interscholastic Cycling Association, aka NICA, governs and organizes High School and Middle School mountain bike races in Nevada and the Tahoe Basin.

+Impact Study Deep Dive: The Impact of Manifest Destiny on Indigenous Cultures

The First Deep Dive of the Semester kicked off this week with a visit to the Donner Summit Petroglyphs site

First Day of School: Rock Climbing Donner Summit

This year we kicked off high school with some awesome rock climbing out at Donner Summit.