TEA Adventures

2018 Fall Mountain Bike Club Wrap-Up

Thanks to the parents, teachers, and kids for showing up and making our fall MTB club an amazing experience this year. Bikers learned to navigate the single-track trails of the Tahoe Basin and Truckee. They learned shifting and pedaling best practices, proper body positioning, how to climb / descend technical terrain and much more.

Introducing the 2018-19 TEA Student Council

This past week the Middle and High School students had their Student Body Elections for the first time ever in the new building. It was exciting to see our students fill the new space and share their vision for the school. Meet the students and learn more about what they each hope to accomplish this year.

Got Character?

This crew of students and teachers hiked 50 miles over 5 days and 4 nights from Meeks Bay to Tahoe City on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Along the way, they’d face physical and mental adversity head-on.

3rd-Graders Visit Truckee Humane Society to Learn About Project RUFF

For their fall Learning Expedition, our 3rd-Grade Crew is examining learning challenges kids face both near and far. So for this field study, the students went to the Humane Society in Truckee to interview Erin Ellis who created the RUFF project (Read Up For Fun).

Island Vibes: An Exploration of Environmental Ecosystem Impacts

How do populations and invasive/native species impact an environment or ecosystem? How do organizations impact an environment or ecosystem? These were the questions a group of TEA Middle School Students were challenged to answer as they set off for a 5-day learning intensive to Santa Cruz Island in California’s Channel Island National Park.

Amazing TEA Ladies Backpacking Adventure

The crew spent three days and two nights backpacking in South Lake in the Freel Peak area, high above beautiful Lake Tahoe.

First Graders Learn About the Tools Farmers Use at the Truckee Farmers Market

For their first semester learning expedition, our 1st-Grade Chickadee Crew is studying the tools people use and the work people do. To experience this first-hand, the students took a trip to the Truckee Farmers Market.

Studying the Physics of Flight at the Reno Air Races

Some highlights included: unrestricted access to the pits, where students were able to get up close to some of the amazing vintage aircraft on display, touring through military aircraft on static display including a C-17, C-130, and Ch-47, watching the amazing capabilities of an F-16 as it flew low and just below the speed of sound.

TEA Third Graders Tour Sand Harbor With Artists and Performers

Our 3rd-grade crew took a walking tour around the harbor and stopped at stations with performers. These lovers of the lake shared with our students about how we can all participate in keeping our lake clean, how to be smart about water usage and what types of pines grow in our area. 

Middle and High School Expedition Kick-offs

Our middle and high school students continue with the TEA tradition of tackling real-world problems right from the get go this year. MS Students are looking at the balance of power in our community. HS students are exploring water scarcity, unity and diversity, and the psychology of group mentality vs the individual mindset.

Exploring Tahoe Historical Concepts in the Field

Taking advantage of the beautiful landscape and rich cultural history of the Tahoe-Truckee area, the entire high school spent a day diving into historical concepts related to our local region.