TEA Adventures

Learning About Atmospheric, Soil and Climate Science in California’s Wilderness

Are you interested in the “why” of the highly varied ecosystems in California? If so, this is the kind of TEA learning experience that’s just for you.

Expert Visits – Tahoe Fund & Tahoe Resource Conservation District

Amy Berry, CEO of The Tahoe Fund and Brenna Blessing, community educator from the Tahoe Resource Conservation District met with Island Vibes Learning Intensive students to share the amazing work their organizations are doing to protect and enhance the Tahoe region.

A Week in the Life of a TEA Pre-K Student

It’s hard work being a Pre-K kiddo at TEA. You’re always on the move meeting with real-world experts and going on amazing adventures. Granted there is an optional nap period each day, but somehow you manage to fit it all in.

Halloween at TEA Photo Gallery

Halloween is definitely a favorite at TEA, and this year just might have been the best ever. Thank you to TAP and TEA Student Council for organizing an AWESOME Halloween morning for our students!

Hands-on Exploration of the Physics of Flight

During this semester-long academic experience, students learned how to preflight a plane while participating in ground school, worked with internal combustion engines in the maintenance bay, and even flew in a fixed-wing airplane for an intro flight lesson. See how lessons in physics come to life at TEA.

The 2nd-Annual Great Truckee Pumpkin Race Was a “Smashing” Success

The TEA community put together an amazing race and games area bringing early Halloween cheer to all. There were a dozen heats of racer pumpkins, plus a dozen carnival-style games and interactive projects in the activity village. More than 60 pumpkins duked it out for supremacy and bragging rights, not to mention $500!!

2018 Fall Mountain Bike Club Wrap-Up

Thanks to the parents, teachers, and kids for showing up and making our fall MTB club an amazing experience this year. Bikers learned to navigate the single-track trails of the Tahoe Basin and Truckee. They learned shifting and pedaling best practices, proper body positioning, how to climb / descend technical terrain and much more.

Introducing the 2018-19 TEA Student Council

This past week the Middle and High School students had their Student Body Elections for the first time ever in the new building. It was exciting to see our students fill the new space and share their vision for the school. Meet the students and learn more about what they each hope to accomplish this year.

Got Character?

This crew of students and teachers hiked 50 miles over 5 days and 4 nights from Meeks Bay to Tahoe City on the Tahoe Rim Trail. Along the way, they’d face physical and mental adversity head-on.

3rd-Graders Visit Truckee Humane Society to Learn About Project RUFF

For their fall Learning Expedition, our 3rd-Grade Crew is examining learning challenges kids face both near and far. So for this field study, the students went to the Humane Society in Truckee to interview Erin Ellis who created the RUFF project (Read Up For Fun).

Island Vibes: An Exploration of Environmental Ecosystem Impacts

How do populations and invasive/native species impact an environment or ecosystem? How do organizations impact an environment or ecosystem? These were the questions a group of TEA Middle School Students were challenged to answer as they set off for a 5-day learning intensive to Santa Cruz Island in California’s Channel Island National Park.